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Bloomberg Markets - The Close

Bloomberg Markets: The Close

“Large enterprise software players are going to have to respond to this next generation use of AI in their own offerings or they risk falling behind.” Our President and Co-founder Ted Smith discussed the future of tech and why we expect to see increased deal activity in the AI space this year with Romaine Bostick and Scarlet Fu on this episode of Bloomberg News “The Close.” Tune in to Ted’s interview at 1:51:45.

ChatGPT May be Just the Beginning, as AI Spurs PE and M&A Activity

“Whether it’s protecting everything we are doing online, anti-fraud or securing critical infrastructure, cybersecurity solutions have become crucial parts of everyday life.” Wayne Kawarabayashi, our partner and head of M&A, expects tech M&A activity to be particularly hot within cybersecurity this year. Check out his other tech related outlook perspectives featured in PE Hub.


Startup Valuation Resets to Kick-Start Stalled M&A

“While it isn’t the case across all potential sellers, some sellers will be willing to accept a lower price if current market valuations remain depressed and they have a need to sell.”
Our Partner and Head of M&A, Wayne Kawarabayashi shares his thoughts on tech M&A in 2023 with Angus Loten of The Wall Street Journal Pro VC team.

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