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Why Union Square Is Trying to Get Ahead of AI: Bloomberg Deals

“Artificial Intelligence is developing so quickly. It’s going to have scale and direct impact so quickly that people are trying to place their bets there to really get a handle on it. I’m not an #AI expert at all but I think that’s one where if you’re not out in front of it, you’re going to miss out.”

Our Managing Director and Head of Sponsor & Venture Coverage Emily Todd Anderson sat down with Liana B. Baker and Kamaron Leach to discuss her role at the firm, advice for career advancement and where this year is headed in terms of deal


VCs expected an M&A wave. Dealmaking fell to a decade low instead.

Our Co-founder and President, Ted Smith and Partner and Head of M&A, Wayne Kawarabayashi chatted through where tech M&A is headed this year with Marina Temkin, CFA at PitchData Although deal making is now a lengthy and more diligent process, there is no longer a large rift in price expectations between buyers and sellers and they argue a rebound in acquisition activity is on the horizon.

‘An Insider’s Guide to the Silicon Valley

Ted joined the latest episode of Accenture Ventures ‘An Insider’s Guide to the Silicon Valley’ to talk about how to build a successful company, SVB & his outlook on the economy for founders, and his advice for boardrooms right now.

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