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The Deal

Cisco, Splunk and the Future of Strategic Software M&A

“We have now started to see stabilization with businesses meeting earnings expectations due to cost reductions, the equity markets showing more strength and a peaking of interest rates which is allowing companies to tap the equity markets again and deploy capital to do M&A deals.”

Our Partner and Head of M&A Wayne Kawarabayashi discussed with Chris

Private Equity Firms Are Slow to Sell Holdings Amid Higher Rates

Managing Director Emily Todd Anderson shared her perspective for an anticipated pick up in PE activity, and discussed what drove slowing PE exits this year coming off a hot 2021. Read more of her thoughts from an interview with Alex Webb at Bloomberg Businessweek.

The Deal

Investors Drawn to Picks and Shovels of AI

“In all the conversations we’re having with early to mid stage companies who tout themselves as AI, our first set of questions includes what’s really defensible?”

Our co-founder and President Ted Smith discussed the current AI market including what companies are ripe for buyouts and how small companies need to consider defensibility in an interview with

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